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The Wonder Business Diet – lose fat make money

By February 27, 2015Business

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Admit it – we’ve all been on a diet or health kick or fast at some point in our lives. Some of us constantly live this way. In fact, I’m so good at starting diets I’m on one now!

Why do we do it?

  • To get healthy
  • To stay healthy
  • Improve appearance
  • Special occasion
  • Attract someone or something

But that’s just our bodies. How do we keep the “fat” out of our businesses? Improve our business “tone and definition” and “attract” more business?

A profitable business represents one that is fit and healthy right?

A business that clearly can deliver and maintain a better proposition to clients and prospects than its competitors, is fit and healthy?

A business owner with great life balance and a smile on theirs and their staffs’ faces is fit and healthy?

This is what the wonder business diet can do.

So what is the wonder busines diet?

  1. Look after your costs. Treat them well, monitor them, and review them. Costs can easily get fat and eat up all the profit if you don’t look after them.
  2. Measure the results of your spending. If you spend $1000 on advertising does it generate more than that back in revenue? Are you spending in the right place? Have you researched? Unmeasured spending eats profits gluttonly so. If you don’t know what you get for your money why are you spending it? Just throw it out the window, less effort, same result.
  3. How about your technology? Have you the best phone/data plan for YOUR business? Do you computers work properly or are they slow and sluggish, sucking performance and productivity from your business? Is the technology you use still relevant or is there a leaner, smarter way of doing business to generate revenue faster?

And then there are the staple things, the maintenance plan. Once you’ve made all the changes you still need to monitor them regularly, keep your business lean and smart and on track. If you need more help on how to cut the fat and maintain and fit and healthy and profitable business then start one of my success packages now, and mention this blog for your free book.

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