I've had the pleasure of being mentored by Sarah sinece mid 2012. During this time Sarah has helped me take a struggling and unfocused business and refocus it to achieve set goals and rewarding financial results. Sarah's mentoring ability clearly comes from an in depth understanding of the key financial and operational drivers of a small business. She also has excellent insight and understanding of small business marketing and networking which has been critical for growing my business. It gives me great pleasure to recommend Sarah to mentor your business.

Tim Patrick - Director

Lisa hired Sarah as a Business Coach

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

I have personally tried out several business coaches over the years, and know 100’s but Sarah is by far and away the best coach i have ever met! She keeps me on track with the business, she is a great sounding board, supremely knowledgeable and most of all she pushes me when i need pushed. My business would not be where it is without her. I frequently recommend her to clients and colleagues!

Lisa Mackay - CEO

Sarah, I would like to record my appreciation of your excellent business coaching over the last 12 months. “Impressive, high end business mentoring” are the words I would use to describe Boost. I recommend Sarah to any serious business owner who wants hard hitting business coaching with results….Sarah is an excellent example of why we all need to invest in our businesses.

Chris Aguis, Owner, Rocket Print

Just thought I would tell you we have done our biggest month ever!! – already invoiced $60K, so on target to do almost $70K!!! Cheers to YOU

Andrew and Rebecca Laker - Provista Balustrades

Sarah has a unique nack of being able to read her clients extremely well and accurately. She alway comes up with interesting ways to solve issues and keeps me motivated and on track. She is alway available know matter what arises and she is a huge support to me.

Helen Shaw CEO

Its easy to get lost in the day to day of doing business and lose sight of your vision. Sarah doesnt just keep you focused on your original vision, but actively extends it, hones it and makes it more relevant to you, your business and your markets. Then she steps you through your path to achieve it - the details, time frames and milestones. What she does is revitalize your passion, uncover your serious aspirations and teach you the means to achieve them. Its extraordinary!

Cara Tipping Smith - Copycarats.co.nz

Mary hired Sarah as a Career Coach

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

I met with Sarah as I was at career crossroads and I wanted to talk to someone who would listen carefully, who had no agenda and be a great sounding board and that is what I got plus more. Sarah asked pertinent and intelligent questions and also was able to add great value to where my thinking was at and take it to another level. One of the attributes I ticked for Sarah was “out of the box” ideas but that is too limiting in describing her- Sarah doesn’t have the box! Sarah offered no platitudes just sound questioning to challenge my thoughts and offered some potential options for me to explore further. I highly recommend Sarah – she is genuine – what you see is what you get and provides sound advice and challenging suggestions.

Mary Ansell

Business and Professional Women New Zealand (BPW NZ) invited Sarah Lochead-MacMillan to facilitate workshops on leadership in October 2014. Over thirty women from around NZ attended and they all gave glowing evaluations of Sarah’s input. Working with small groups she was able to get everyone involved and participating and enjoying themselves while they stretched out of their comfort zones. Sarah kept things on track and backed up all her points with great stories and knowledge. She has the ability to engage her audience and build trust while ensuring there is plenty of laughter to aid the learning. All the participants were impressed to see a great facilitator in action and left ready to expand their own skills further. BPW NZ is keen to use Sarah for future events and would recommend her to any other organisations.

Vicky Mee - Facilitation at BPWNZ

Thanks Sarah. Just saw your time saving videos. Really puts into words the changes that have been taking place in my work life since starting your mentoring program. You’re right I am starting to feel less stressed and more in control.

Afina, 1st Rate Master Painters

Margaret hired Sarah as a Financial Advisor

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

My partner and I met Sarah while seeking someone in the Financial Industry who was not just looking to count pennies and nod or say “I understand” when they thought that is what the client wanted to hear. I am extremely pleased to say that Sarah is not one of those people. While her manner was warm and welcoming she was also professional and confident in her approach to our needs. She listened openly and patiently to what was required and more importantly was not. She is someone who diligently and carefully investigated what could work for us before she offered her suggestions which also included options that were sometimes out of the “normal box” if and when she felt they were warranted. Sarah always told us to take our time and gave us opportunity to consider her suggestions before we committed. While Sarah is a frank person she who does not believe in misguidance, her delivery is always with respect and courtesy all the while being polite and professional. Sarah has a great (and sometimes wicked) sense of humour, but do not take her for a fool or someone who is easily swayed just because “the client is always right”. She listens and invests her time and interest in the needs of her clients before she guides them to what she believes is in their best interest but she will not back down from also being honest and direct enough if she also believes that what they are seeking is not worthwhile or to their benefit. We have now known Sarah for 20 plus years and never in that time when called upon for her professional advice did she steer us in a direction which she did not feel was right for us. I am confident in my recommendation of Sarah for I know she does not approach anything without careful investigation, planning, knowledge and depth. She is a hard worker who carries herself confidently and with integrity.

Margaret Dwarika-Tam

Sarah is just great; she is straight to the point and has a knack for listening to what you are really saying and assists you in breaking old habits and creating new and better ones!!

Brenda Ford

Sarah and I met over coffee a number of years ago, whilst both attending Business Mentor (BMNZ) training. Our paths continue to cross and under her SLM banner I have utilised her mentoring services to review and refocus my business. Yes, even coaches need coaches! Sarah’s direct and down to earth approach means that we get straight to the core of things. Her sense of humour is never far away and this adds to the mentoring experience. She generously shares her extensive business knowledge and is a great accountability partner. Thank you Sarah.

Gill Garchow, Coaching by Design Ltd

Sarah Lochead-MacMillan is very personable and a straight shooter. She’ll tell you what she can do for you, what’s involved, how long it will take and then delivers to the best of her abilities.

Graham Mushett

We needed funding to position ourselves for future growth and used Sarah to negotiate financing arrangements in a tricky lending environment. Sarah clearly knew her stuff, kept us on track and was able to make our lives a lot easier through her knowledge, experience and key relationships. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone wanting to grow their business in challenging environments.

Mark Greenslade

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Sarah on her manuscript. Sarah is very professional and strikes a great balance between this and friendliness/ approachability. Sarah is a true asset to anyone who needs her services and I can not recommend Sarah highly enough! Thank you Sarah, it was a pleasure working with you 🙂

Leigha Hartley, Owner, check-it-4u (business partner)

Sarah is one of those rare people who genuinely helps others to get ahead. She is a very smart woman who can think outside the square. When she sees an opportunity that adds value, she goes out of her way to connect the right people for mutual benefit. Sarah is loyal, authentic and warm and I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Yvonne Godfrey, Professional speaker

Sarah has worked with my clients helping assess and negotiate more efficient finance agreements. She works with both the client and their banker to ensure the sharpest deal is negotiated and the relationship moves forward productively. The Banker wins a loyal client and a better informed relationship and the client saves times and money in the deal, as well as setting out their expectations to their Bank. Sarah works hard for win win solutions.

Lynda Moore, CEO and Owner, Chartered Accountant, Quantum Accounting Solutions Limited

Sarah is passionate in everything she sets out to achieve and sets high standards when it comes to supporting people with their goals and networking opportunities. She really cares about people and their businesses.

Debbie Shine, Business Partner, BNZ

Sarah has a genuine interest in seeing people succeed in there business. Weather it is helping them network properly or mediating with their banks to seal the deal, she will see it through with the highest level of professionalism, topped with that personal touch that only friends can give. Give her a call and talk to her about how she can help you. Mobile: 021 134 5568 or Read her book The Naked Networker

Leanne Powley, Owner, Admin On Call and Credit Control On Call

I have worked with Sarah on a number of occasions and see her as a person of high integrity, focused attention and having an extreme level of drive ensuring her clients gain the solution they seek. Sarah is a person on a mission and if she’s on your side, you will not lose.

Laurie Lowther, Director, The Interface Financial Group