Cash Flow and Budgeting Depth Charge

Profitability starts with royalty. Don’t believe me? Ever heard the saying cash is king?

You need to look after your cash, it is the LIFEBLOOD of your business. You need to understand it. Once you understand it you can start to control it, manipulate it and MULTIPLY it.

So are you ready to take control? A half day course, arranged at a time to suit. Bringing you understanding and control of your cash.

Only $495+GST workbooks included.

This workshop delivered to you will give you the following knowledge:

  • You will understand your cash conversion cycle (CCC) and how to influence it positively
  • You will understand how to complete a cash flow forecast for your business
  • You will understand how to translate this into a workable budget and manage that budget
  • You will understand how these documents can be translated into Xero and the reports which help you (if you are a XERO user)
  • You will know how to translate the results from the cash flow into your business plan and strategies.

Once purchased I will contact you to arrange a time to deliver this course to you. Available face to face in Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Christchurch. Available everywhere else through skype.

Profits are not the same thing as cash in the bank.

You cannot assume that a high volume of sales will automatically result in a sound financial position.

The cash surplus/deficit does not usually coincide with the business’s net profit/loss, as shown on the statement of financial position at the end of the financial year.

Our cash flow forecast tool helps you understand where your business needs funds and where it has surplus. We teach you to effectively manage these competing needs with robust forecasts and budgets to give you a happier, healthier business.

With you now in control, you’ll get the added bonus of keeping any lenders happy with your business and your management of it.  And you’ll have increased confidence through improved planning that you can genuinely rely on.

Even better – robust forecasting will assist you in planning your business strategy; both short and medium term, with your cash flow and budgets sorted and supported by our other business planning tools.

I’m Ready To Control My Cash