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10 Rules For Sales Calls

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As a small business owner you are often the top sales person in your company. You need a result every time and need to maximise your sales approaches to prodcue the best results.

  1. Do your homework

Anything you can do to learn about the person or people that you are meeting, the company, their products, their competition, and their customers can make a huge difference. It will help you understand how your product or service can fit into what they are trying to do. Remember it’s always addressing the whats in it for me (WIFM) that gets the sales across the line. Try Linkedin or facebook or Google+, also don’t forget looking up their own website and how you may be connected to them for some real inside information.

  1. You and Your Offering

Do you know your stuff? Does your product and service do what you say it does? Its important tp have belief in yourself and your business. People can spot the fakers really quickly. Belief and knowing your stuff gives you the confidence to approach for sales.

Put your prospect at ease. You know what you do and you know how it helps – scripts DON’T work.

  1. Manage your time

Do you know how long your prospect has to discuss this call? Have you checked? It is comon courtesy to do this and they feel respected and will be totally present in your call.

Often I have said, if I may have 15 minutes of your time to explain what I do? If you’d like to know more then, as long as you have time, we can continue. Is that okay with you? This often opens the conversation with more reluctant buyers. If you know your stuff and the benefit to them them often the appointment/call lasts longer.

  1. Rapport

Building rapport quickly can make the meeting. If you found in your research that the person you’re meeting was featured in a recent article or has a hobby or interest that you can relate to, ask them about it. Or just look around for information that could start a conversation–think about family pictures, sports memorabilia, awards.

People love to talk about themselves and this puts them at ease and iopens them up to more of what you are going to say.

  1. WIFM

Why have you contacted them? Whats in it for them? How does what you are going to say align with their plans?

Have you set yourself a goal or outcome for the meeting? If not how will you know you have been successful? It could be the next step in the sales process, it could be an outright sale, it could simply be an agreement ot continue.

  1. 2 Ears and 1 mouth

You are given these bits of your body in this proportion to understand that to effectively sell you need to understand your clients needs and wants. The ONLY way to do this (besdies research) is to ask questions and LISTEN to the answers. The respond to the asnwers NOT to your pitch.

  1. Qualifying

Your questions should all the while qualify you rcustomer. How do they buy? What is their budget? What is their need? How are you adding value?

If you don’t find out this information, you may lose the deal or have to follow up multiple times.

  1. Presenting a Solution

While you were listening to the customer, you should have been thinking about how to adjust your presentation, so you have the best possible impact when presenting your solution.

When recapping on the sale refer back to their answers. Ensure they fit with what you are selling. Telling them what they told you will have them nodding in agreement. When they get down this “yes” path its difficult to then say no.

  1. Asking for the Sale

So you’ve followed all the steps so far. Often business owners wonder why people don’t buy. Simply put its because they didn’t ask for the sale!

If there are more stages to the sales process then clarify then next step and book the next stage.

  1. Follow Up, follow up again

One final thought: Be sure to follow up with your customer. It’s that follow-through that can make all the difference. That’s how a customer can really see your service in action.

Put the customer into your database, add them on Linkedin.

Make diary entries to remind yourself to do a follow up.

This is also a great strategy once they have bought to keep them engaged and sellmore product to them with ease.


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