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Why we love to be Ordinary (and why thats okay)


How often in business do you need to look at your competitors? Be better than them to attract clients and business? How often do you look online and see the “success” of those travelling to exotic destinations, clients all over the world, big money workshops and speaking? How often do you hear about products being sold in China, America, and Europe? And, considering those, how often do you wonder are you good enough? Will your business be that “successful”?

Well STOP.

If you aren’t happy with what you have now, how will you be happy when you have more?

I work with lots of small successful businesses. They don’t trade globally, they don’t have big money workshops and few are on the speaking circle, international or national. Yet, they are successful. They know they are successful. Yet they are ordinary, nothing special or standout in the global population. Just ordinary people like you and me. They make money and profits. They have competitors, but they still make sales.

So what makes the ordinary successful? They are living the lifestyle THEY want. Not what someone else has, not what people tell them they SHOULD have, but the exact lifestyle they WANT.

Often, in business, you are asked about your goal, your end point, and the reason you are in business in the first place. There will be a big hairy audacious goal in there somewhere. However, when working with clients on goals, the first “end point” is usually the goal that they think they should have. It’s a goal based upon their perception of the businesses around them and their perception of success, based upon the media that they have seen/read/watched.

After six months in business I usually sit down with the client and ask about their dreams. This is where we get to revealing the true goals, the true wants, based upon the person and business in front of me not the perception they had. When the ordinary person is revealed, their journey towards their own success begins. It’s not a long process but it is an essential one.

Next time you are looking at your competitors “success” just ask yourself, if that was me, would I really want it? Sometimes, being ordinary and you is the best success you’ll ever have.

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