Trip Selector

Sometimes there’s too much going on Рtoo many ideas. Do you need to understand which idea is going to make you money now? Do you need to get stuff OFF the to-do list so you can get started?

The Trip Selector is for budding entrepreneurs with a million different ideas and wanting to get at least one off them off the ground and profitable.

In this half day session you will:

  • Understand your ultimate lifestyle goal

  • Examine your ideas against your goals and life balance

  • Look at what you shouldn’t do and take it off the list

  • Identify what you can do, but what are your biggest strengths

  • Identify that one idea and how to monetise to a business

  • Come away with a written plan of action to implement

Its easy to get lost in the day to day of doing business and lose sight of your vision. Sarah doesn't just keep you focused on your original vision, but actively extends it, hones it and makes it more relevant to you, your business and your markets. Then she steps you through your path to achieve it - the details, time frames and milestones. What she does is revitalize your passion, uncover your serious aspirations and teach you the means to achieve them. Its extraordinary!

Cara Tipping Smith -

At only $695+GST, and delivered face to face at a location suitable to you (In Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty or Christchurch). Skype available for other areas contact us.