Where the hell did the time go?

Do you wonder where the heck all the time went. You meant to finish that to do list, the washing, the invoicing, visit the school play…… You had plenty of time when you started and it slipped through your fingers. Here you are its the evening and/or the weekend and you are stuck working again.

Where did it all go? And can you get it back?


TIME – its elusive, it runs away on us, it marches on without thought to the many tasks we have to perform.

Yet, I believe time is malleable, can be moulded to my needs and can fit around me

Want to know how to do it?

A one day course, arranged to suit you, will show you how to control the time in your life and get back LIFE balance.

This isn’t about work/life balance as work is part of life, this is about TOTAL LIFE BALANCE.

There are two week of pre work to undertake – you have to be serious about taking control.

But I GUARANTEE you will find more time in your life.

For ONLY $750+GST you will get one days training, 3 follow up keeping you on track calls and your life back!


As the queen of productivity I have plenty of time. When someone asks me “whats your avaiability like?” I can ALWAYS reply “Plenty – what can I help you with?”

I can show you how to get more time in your life.

Yes! Give Me More Time!