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Stop Spending Money – Sales Management

By March 16, 2015Business


Get the Basics right before you throw money at a ‘Sales Solution’.

In business today we see any number of expert solutions to the selling process. These are sometimes a specific sales course or the introduction of a sales process. Over the years we have seen many of these under various guises.

There has been failures and partial successes. And of course some very successful implementations.

Regardless of who the supplier is, and their level of expertise, their offering cannot be successful if the basics are not in place. Why have there been failures? Why do Sales people resist these programmes?

All too often we have seen these sales programmes being introduced without the core business needs being addressed or understood. Many are formulae driven and replicate international (often US sales programmes). The supplier is bound by their process, often contained within a franchise arrangement.

Businesses should always look at their existing sales structure before engaging ‘experts’.

You may already have the Information you need for decision making

  • What is your lead generation producing?
  • How many, over what time, and what quality?
  • Are they being followed-up in a timely manner?
  • Conversion rate?
  • Effort required to convert?

Flogging a Dead Horse

  • Do your Sales people know how to disqualify a Lead as well as qualify?
  • How long have your leads bee in the system (CRM, Contact Manager or spreadsheet)?

Do Something Now at no Cost

  • Gather your information
  • Understand your leads and Prospecting
  • Direct your Sales effort where it will have immediate benefit
  • What can you do to assist the Sales person close a quality Prospect?
    • Visit a key Prospect with your Sales person
  • Review your results


Jim Niven is a Director of Initiatives CRM Limited and has extensive experience in sales processes, CRM Implementation, Solution Selling and Business Analysis.


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