So you are ready to start your own business! Woohoo!

Sometimes there’s too much going on – too many ideas. Do you need to understand which idea is going to make you money now? Do you need to get stuff OFF the to-do list so you can get started?

The Trip Selector is for budding entrepreneurs with a million different ideas and wanting to get at least one off them off the ground and profitable

In this half day session you will:

  • Understand your ultimate lifestyle goal
  • Examine your ideas against your goals and life balance
  • Look at what you shouldn’t do and take it off the list
  • Identify what you can do, but what are your biggest strengths
  • Identify that one idea and how to monetise to a business
  • Come away with a written plan of action to implement

An 8 week online program, workbooks delivered to you weekly via the member site. With weekly online video training to accompany the workbooks (up to 4 a week).

An option to add a weekly accountability call so you can ask questions and stay on track to really monetising your business!

A selection of one day and half day courses at a location to suit.

  • The courses will help you to understand YOUR business goal, to plan and map your financial achievements.
  • Increase the speed of your cash flow
  • Understand the art of client attraction and value based pricing.
  • Understand your risks and how to mitigate them.
  • Know how to measure your performance and change proactively to ensure you make money!
  • Become the regarded expert in your field and understand how to use this to grow your business.
  • Manage your time, and you will create plenty of it.

Must Reads

The Naked Networker


The Naked Networker

Networking. You know it’s important. You know you need to do it. You just don’t know how to do it. That’s where business coach and mentor Sarah Lochead-MacMillan’s book The Naked Networker – A Professional Woman’s Networking Toolkit comes in. Don’t worry – you can keep more than just your hat on.

According to Sarah not everyone is born to network – but everyone can learn. And learn they should. The simple truth is people prefer to do business with people they know or have at least met. Think about the number of services and products you buy because you know the business or the business owner. This doesn’t mean you have to be neighbours, cousins, or swapping gifts at Christmas – it simply means you know them. Or you know somebody who knows and recommended them.

Networking is not about selling, Sarah tells you on page one. Rather it is about building relationships which will, with consistent and sincere effort, bring you returns.

KISS Business


K.I.S.S Business

Breaking business into the simple steps. Giving you the secret formulas to underpin all that you do to create a stable profitable business.

Step by step guidance to ensure everything you build on stays strong and you can create the life and wealth you want.

7 Tips

A FREEBIE for you, 7 things you can implement early to make your business grow.