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Rabbit in the Headlights of Social Media (And the secret you need to know)



Social media – you either understand it and embrace it, know you have to do it so do it anyway, or stick your head in the sand and wait for it to go away.

It’s not going away – unless you believe the plot of The World’s End (2013) which cumulates: “…the Network (Bill Nighy), reveals that the limited android invasion has been responsible for all of humanity’s advances in telecommunications in recent decades, bringing humanity closer together as a first step to joining the galaxy’s community of planets…The destruction of Newton Haven triggered a worldwide chain reaction that wiped out modern technology and set humanity back to the Dark Ages.” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_World%27s_End_(film)

But I digress. So for the foreseeable future, social media is here to stay. But when I talk about social media we need to be clear, in business it starts with your own website. It progresses to your own blog, encompasses your newsletter, then takes you down the dark path that is facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest, you tube, linked in and the more recent periscope; just to name a few. Yes these are only a few of the platforms that are yours to sign up to and explore!

So how do you sort it all out?

How do you know which ones you should be on?

What should you post?

How often?


Yes, as a small business owner I got to that stage. A rabbit in headlights. Stock still, doing nothing. Doing nothing is not an option. Your customers are out there, they are on social media. If you are not and your competitors are (and they are) your customers will be buying from them not you.

So to the secret.

There is help out there. It wears a human face, she understands this social media thingy, she can explain it to you, clearly and easily. She can look at your business, your message and help you locate the best platforms for you. She takes the stress away and shows you HOW.

Who is this wonderful lady? She walks among us! Contact Angel (yes that really is her name) at Small Black Cat Media.  She really knows how to help us all, and for a half-day strategy session that clears your fears and gets you ready to plan and implement – what would you pay?

Remember this lady GETS YOU RESULTS. I know, I’ve done the session.

$3000? $1000? $5000? God no!

After all she really does understand small business owners. So for just $495+GST, you can access her and her skills, one on one, face to face or over skype, and get out of the headlights and into the social media space with confidence! Ready?

For your FREE guide to boosting your Communications go to our FREE STUFF (its at the bottom)!

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