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Seriously MAKE SHIT HAPPEN and if you are offended by this then I’m not the business mentor for you.

So what am I talking about here? I’m going to discuss your NOT TO DO list. You all have one.

The key to MSH in your business is to value your time and understand what you are doing that fulfils the following criteria:

  • It wastes your valuable time
  • It doesn’t add value
  • It doesn’t move you closer to your end goal
  • You know deep down its a distraction

If it fits these bin it!

I was meeting with a client a while ago and we had created quite the list of actions that needed to be done to push the business to the next level. The client asked me “how do I know which one to do first?” SO how do you prioritize the stuff that should be done?

Which of the items will generate business and cash? They’re first.

Look at your to do list now.

If sales are consistent, costs are minimalised and profits good, and then you can afford to do some of the administrative tasks and structure work.

If you need to grow, add more clients/sell more product and make more money you need to attack the CASH GENERATING tasks first then the administrative ones.

Using the criteria mentioned, any tasks that fit that criteria take off your to do list.

Lets look at a for instance:

You have a website which is okay but you think it needs a complete revamp.

  1. DO you really need to revamp the site? If you have good traffic and are generating a good level of sales and enquiries from it; it’s an indication the site works so don’t fiddle with it just because a “social media guru” thinks you should.
  2. Do YOU need to revamp the site? If it is your responsibility to generate and service clients and you can achieve that profitably, and you have decided that the site needs updating, it may be more cost effective to outsource that work. Say you can charge $100 per hour; to do the site may take you 20 hours, but an expert 5 hours. SO as long as the expert is charging less than $2000, it’s a good investment. You can continue to generate cash whilst the upgrade is completed.

Sometimes my clients feel unchallenged. The start up of the business was new and exciting and scary. But in time, the business has grown and its doing well but stagnant and they think, “lets diversify”.

Diversification can be exciting but it can also be costly and minimize any profits the business enjoys as you develop and research this new project.

So before diversification, can you drive more revenue from your existing clients? Can you gain more repeat business? Can you get testimonials into your marketing to generate word of mouth business? Can you adapt your core offering to add on extras that can be bought? Do you need to review your prices? ALL of these should be considered BEFORE you diversify. And diversification takes time, a lot of it.

So what are you taking OFF the to do list today?

If you are unsure on how to define your to do list an unsure what items you can safely not do, contact me for your session so you get some time back and take your business to the next level and MAKE SHIT HAPPEN.

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