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Sometimes you cant see the wood for the trees – meaning you cant see the obvious until someone else can take another look for you.

A while back (in a galaxy far far away……….nope doesn’t work) I created some simple courses designed to allow business owners to learn online. They were based around the basic foundations of business and created so that they were EASY. I thought they were perfect and ready for market.

However, better walk the talk! So before releasing them into the unsuspecting world I asked a few trusted contacts if they would test them and give me raw, honest feedback.

So they did.

On most of the courses:

  • I had forgotten page numbers on the workbook
  • I had forgotten to tell them the video needs to be played whilst using the workbook
  • Some content was completely irrelevant
  • Some content was muddled and in the wrong order
  • Spelling and grammar not my strongest points

But by doing this, by getting these people to test and challenge my thinking, I have now a much-improved product and I have shrunk the courses from 7 to 3.

It’s the same when picking your business mentor.

You have one because you cannot effectively challenge yourself. You often are so far into your business you have difficulty actually seeing what is going on and what can be changed. You need an unemotional perspective. You need someone you can’t make excuses to.

You pick a mentor that is committed to growing your business and achieving YOUR goals, committed as much as you are. You want a person that can give it to you straight and clearly and help you move onwards. Some one that makes you stop and think…..HARD.

Lastly your mentor should deliver.

They should add more value to your business in terms of improved processes, systems, sales and profits. More than they cost.

If you are looking for the challenge to get your business to the next level and need a straight talking, arse kicking mentor then purchase one of my business success programs now! I promise you ore value added than fees charged. Unsure, check out what my clients’ say.


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