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I’ve talked in the past about the power of 5. (Contact me if you want to know more!)

This is about how 5 clients in one week can often be the catalyst to the growth of the small business

Now I want to talk to a smaller number – the number three

When you start up your small business, often getting clients can be very difficult and the volume of rejection can drain your self-belief and your confidence in your ability to turn your idea into a profitable, viable business.

So, how can we build that confidence? How can we maintain that confidence?

I believe that whilst 5 clients in a week will help, you grow with speed, 3 clients in a week is all you need to help your confidence.

Just gaining those 3 clients, 3 buyers of your product or service, in the same week gives you permission to say “YES!” this will work.

SO how do you get those magical 3?

You tap into your known network on a consistent basis; you add value to your network. You ask existing clients who love you and rave about you and your network, which love you and rave about you, for strong specific referrals.

You promote yourself at group networking, business meetings; use your social media channels and occasionally advertising.

Consistent marketing

Consistent networking

Will bring those magical 3 clients.

 If you are consistent in this plan you will start to get more clients, you will quickly hit the magic 5 at once and NOTHING will stand in your way. You may even shed less profitable clients and therefore work smarter and not harder. If this is something you want to do then sign up for the business success-mentoring package today and mention this blog to receive your free gift!

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