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Business Coaches Are An Expensive Waste of Money

You Should Have Made Money

Or why this festive season you could have made more money….

In fact for most small businesses hiring an outside consultant can get down right ridiculous cant it?

What did you do over the festive season? Was it all jingle bells…..auld lang syne and then BANG get back to work? Did you even get a break? It’s even harder in the southern hemisphere than the northern. Whereas in the Northern there is a break it is more common for people and businesses to return to work quickly, after all it’s winter, what else are you going to do? But, in the Southern its Summer. Not only do we have the festive break but then everyone goes away on holidays for a month.

How do you maintain cash flow throughout the festive season? How did you do it? What strategies did you put in place to keep selling and keep in touch with your customers and prospects?

If you answered “nothing new” then I suspect you saw no change in your business performance from last year, or the year before, or the year before that. Yet what If I told you that you could’ve had a break, made more money and opened potential opportunities all at the same time? I’d be lying right? WRONG.

This is where the right business coach can add value to your small business, can shake up the way you do things, in the right way, to create more results and wealth for you. Too busy working in your business?

With the right business coach, just once a month to work ON your business can achieve great results and add $$$$$ to your bottom line.


With the right business coach your customers and prospects and simply champing at the bit for you to return and start processing their orders after the festive season.


So how do you find the right business coach in a sea of consultants? I mean it may seem an expensive cost, but hiring the right coach is never as expensive as hiring the wrong one!

What will the right coach do for you and your business?

  • Firstly they will come recommended or referred to you and able to give you client testimonials and clients you can talk to direct to gauge the successfulness of the coach. The right coach is not afraid of what their existing clients say.
  • The right coach will endeavour to introduce business and also monitor the changes made to ensure you make more than enough money to cover the cost and then some.
  • The right coach will have terms and conditions but no LONG TERM contract, possibly the longest commitment would be a one month, it works both ways, notice period.
  • The right coach will fire clients who don’t achieve results
  • The right coach will hold clients accountable to achieving their own success.
  • The right coach may not be a millionaire but WILL be a teacher in business.

What should you have done for the festive season?

Well before you had a break you should have sent ALL your clients a Christmas card, it doesn’t even have to be a specially printed, company logo card. It’s a way to say “Thank you” for doing business with me, and if you want to turn it into a promo (and believe me you should!) then have a sticker printed that you can attach to the inside of the card.

Your top ten clients should have received a gift.

If you wanted to get unusual, and I did this year, you can make your own crackers with the sticker on, put chocolates inside and your own joke/wisdom and value added sales pitch. I did this, and got so much positive feedback, that I signed up two new clients!

You should have scheduled in, pre-prepared to go whilst you are on a break, your Christmas newsletter AND your welcome back newsletter. You should have scheduled in ALL your social media posts. It looks as though you are working hard and caring for your customers even when you aren’t there! You are also reaching your customers and potential customers when your competitors are doing NOTHING!

And you should have talked to your Bank!

Your banker needs to be on board if you have cash flow tightening over the festive season. You may need to pay wages, you’ll always need to pay bills. How can you do that without funds? If you Bank wasn’t able to assist, before the festive season you should have budgeted your cash flow, anticipated any needs and then planned to cover them. What if you needed extra staffing over the festive season?

You have your traditional lenders (banks), you have your factoring companies and you have the short-term lenders like Kabbage (www.kabbage.com).

Remember if you have excellent trading prior to the Christmas shut down and need extra inventory and extra staff those bills will need to be paid BEFORE you see the resulting profits and revenue flow – but then if you had the right coach, you’d have known and done this…….

So for those with the right coach, who made more money this year, who have more sales orders/enquiries what will you do with the money?


Well what do you want to do with the business? What’s most important to you? Use your coach as a sounding board to understand where the money would be best spent or saved. How are you tracking alongside your annual and monthly business plan and goals? Don’t have them? Then you don’t have the right business coach do you?


Where is your market? How do they buy? What is the trend and how will they buy in the future and where are you in your monthly marketing plan and review? No point spending on a website if your customers buy from a shop, no point spending on a shop if you customers like to buy online. Don’t have a marketing plan? Why not?


Need more resources? www.kabbage.com/guides


The right business coach is NEVER expensive, but without one, as a small business, you are missing out on money you can be making.

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